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Monday, June 8, 2009


Here's my idea for today!!!!!
I soooo love MY HUMAN IS A RESCUE design, I have decided it would be super great on a t shirt for
people. So I am offering this design in my regular lineup and in addition, am going to put the Good Human paw print on the upper back of the shirt.. because if you have adopted a dog who, yes indeed, has rescued YOU, then you are a Good Human and deserve a pat on the back.
Thus the dog print on your back. What do you think???? Great, Brilliant, Fabulous Idea!!!
Right!!!!! Right. BARK ON!!!!!! And it's available on a doggie bandana as well... so human and dog will have a matching set... :) This can be marketed to dog gift shops PLUS animal rescue places.
We could even namedrop their name on the shirt... under the dog's face would be perfect, don't you think? I love it, love it...
Love it when I am brilliant. xoxoxo

Friday, June 5, 2009

Doggie bandana designs

This is my newest addition to the Lunar lineup. Dog bandanas. Bark 4 Peace, Party Animal, Rescue and Sit happens. These are available on any of the other products as well, but esp available for the doggie bandanas.

We can namedrop as well... a great gift idea for your shoppers.

Happy barking! And thanks to Marley, our famous family dog for helping me out with a brief modeling session. He is just a year old, and sitting still is tough for him. But thanks to dog treats, he sat still long enough while I operated the camera with one hand and a dog treat in the other hand! His mama is so talented!!!!! And Marley is such a handsome boy!


These guys are sooo getting into the spirit of the holidays!!! What a great fun way to sing out the joy of the season!!!

I love dogs.. and cats. And it is always so much fun to incorporate them into my designs.

This will be a fun way to speak your holiday spirit.

Cheerfully Arf-ing along! note: Thanks to my great rep Linda who caught that I originally spelled Herald HAROLD!!!! hoo boy.. well, we might have sold a few that way to all the Harolds out there. funny.. thank Linda