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Thursday, May 21, 2009



What a great selling idea! You can wrap a kitchen towel around a wine bottle, tie it with a ribbon and TAAAA-DAAAA a gift idea!!!! Take those new Christmas designs and sell them to wine shops on kitchen towels and have them display them as wine wraps.. I would of used a bright red ribbon to tie this up, but didn't have any in my supply. But you get the idea. I didn't do any re-folding --

picked up the towel as it comes.. tagged etc. The hang tag shows on the back...

It makes the gift wrap part of the gift.. COOL!!!!!! ECO FRIENDLY!!! MULTI GIFTING!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Another new holiday design for 2009!!!!
She is my newest Queen in the series. She adores the holidays and immerses herself in all it's splendor. Why be shy is her motto!! She dresses in festive colors and her joy is all the hullabaloo of the season. The wrapping of gifts, the amazing goodies she creates, it's all one big package of
fa-la-la for her.
Invite her into your holidays and I promise she will show you how much fun it really can be!
Happy Holidays!


This is my newest holiday design for 2009. I decided to create this from an original painting I did earlier this week. I took that image and went into a holiday color scheme adding the birds.

This year with the stressful economy and all, I kept thinking about the realization many have had about what is really important in our lives.

The awareness of the gift of our loved ones, of our health, of the love we have around us. So this holiday, BE THE GIFT.

Keep the spirit within you and surround you and your loved ones with the good energy of what Christmas is really about. It's about the giving of yourself to the ones you love. Be the Love. Be the Gift.

Peace, Love and Blessings.